The Admin Console Introduction


The Rosterfy admin console can be broken down into 3 main areas. These are

  1. The navigation bar
  2. The side menu
  3. The content-pane

These 3 sections will be referenced a lot in the help section and it is good to become familiar with navigating  and using them.


The Navigation Bar


The Rosterfy navigation bar provides quick access to the main sections of the Rosterfy admin console. This bar will always appear in the admin console. Some users may not have access to all the tabs, depending on the permissions granted to the logged in user. The navigation bar is made up of the following components

  • Tabs to the main modules of the Rosterfy platform. Each has its own section in the help desk for more information.
  • The   button provides a global search of the platform to quickly navigate to a user, event or shift. 
  • The   button which links you from Rosterfy to this knowledge base
  • The   button allows the logged in user to manage their own account, including security settings and a logout option

The Side Bar

The side bar provides access to the sub-menu of the currently open module in the admin console. Some examples of side bar options can be found below. Just like the top level navigation bar, the side menu may have some options removed if the logged in user does not have permission to access that module. 

Screen_Shot_2020-01-14_at_09.40.37.png Screen_Shot_2020-01-14_at_09.40.32.png 


The Content Pane

The content pane of the admin console is the remainder of the screen from the navigation and side menu. This is where the magic happens. This section can contain forms, templates, lists, widgets and more to provide management of your Rosterfy system. In the next article, we will look at some of the common controls found in the admin console that you should become familiar with.

The content pane will always have a breadcrumb at the top for easy navigation back to a previous screen. It may also have an information icon to provide a little extra hint about how the current page works and a link to a knowledge article to provide step-by-step instructions. These items are seen in the image below