Creating online user training


Admin users can create user training steps to keep Users informed on vital information about the event and confirm that Users understand their role. Additionally training can be used to upskill anyone to perform other tasks that are useful.

You can set this up by:

1. Click Users

2. Select Training in the Sidebar

3. Add Name, Estimated complete time (optional) and Publish and Save



4. Click Add to begin setting up training steps


5. Add Name and Training Content


You can use Add video iconmceclip0.png to insert a video.

Additionally you can use the upload file icon mceclip5.png to add documents or upload images for user to view online within the content editor.

6. Check Has Question to add any questions to confirm they have understood the training content. (Recommended)

7. Add Question and Add Answer and check Accepted to mark an answer as correct.



Note:- A question can have multiple answers, when there a multiple answers a User cannot move to the next Training step without providing all answers.

8. Click Save or Save create another if you have another step to create as part of the training


Once you are happy with your training set up, Click Training on the navigation bar


You can then Preview your training to see how it will look as a User


You can view the Training Overview for more detailed information on the Training module.